12 Hours of Prayer

12 Hours of Prayer on May 9, 2020

Martin Luther once said “to be a Christian without prayer is no more possible to be alive without breathing.”  Prayer is essential for the life of every believer.  It’s how we talk and commune with our Great God.  Now, there are many different ways to pray and many different reasons why a person would pray.  But, God’s people must pray!

Because Jesus has given us direct access to God through His death, resurrection, and ascension and because we need to pray to better be able to discern God’s will, we are organizing 12 Hours of Prayer for Cedar City Church.

We would like for each person at CCC to watch the training video on this page and sign up for at least 1 – 30 minute block of prayer.  You can sign up for more than one time slot, but we’d love for every person/family to sign up so that CCC can spend 12 consecutive hours in prayer. As you sign up, you’ll find resources and prayer prompts to guide you in prayer. Let’s all join together to approach God’s throne of grace on behalf of ourselves, our city and our world.

At some point before May 9th, please watch this short (17 minutes) video from one of CCC’s leaders, Patrick Harner, on some practical steps on how to pray for 30 minutes.