Global Hunger Sunday

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a food shortage in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Central Asia and other parts of the world. 

On October 11, Cedar City Church will be partnering with Global Hunger Relief to collect an offering that will then be donated to help combat food insecurity in the United States and across the world.

We ask that you prayerfully join us in this offering.

1 in 7 people in the world go hungry each day. CCC is joining thousands of other Southern Baptists in celebrating Global Hunger Sunday on October 11. Together, we can make a difference.

Your gifts to Global Hunger Relief will fund long-term solutions to hunger like clean water, agricultural education, job skills training, and more. Each project relieves hunger in a way that allows locals to work, produce, and sustain themselves – restoring dignity and hope in communities broken from conflict, instability, and poverty.

You can watch the video and visit to learn more about Global Hunger Relief and what they do.

GHR Thank You from Dr Chitwood from Global Hunger Relief on Vimeo.

Returning to Sunday Gatherings

We are pleased to announce that we are able to get back to a regular in-person gathering starting tomorrow, Sunday, August 2 at 10:30am.

We’ll begin a new series in 2 Thessalonians. It will be family style worship meaning kids will be with us upstairs. There will be activity and snack bags for kiddos (you are welcome to bring your own for your kiddos.)

We’ve made some adjustments for social distancing including extra spacing between seats, masks, strategically place hand sanitizer and a shaded outdoor socializing area. Please bring a mask and join us as we gather together to worship as the body of Christ.

We look forward to seeing you!

Summer Food Drive

In partnership with Joshua’s Place, Cedar City Church will be collecting food that will be distributed to students and families in need throughout the city of Lebanon this summer. We invite you to help us reach the city by providing much needed meals for our kids. You can drop off food anytime between now and June 13th by contacting Pastor David Hackney by phone at 937-344-8395, email at or by using the contact form on our site to schedule a drop-off time.

Below is a list of items to donate. While all food types are needed, lunch items are especially needed.

If you are unable to drop off food, but would still like to help, please consider a donation to Joshua’s Place.

Joshua's Place Corona Response Student Meal Kits

12 Hours of Prayer on May 9, 2020

Martin Luther once said “to be a Christian without prayer is no more possible to be alive without breathing.”  Prayer is essential for the life of every believer.  It’s how we talk and commune with our Great God.  Now, there are many different ways to pray and many different reasons why a person would pray.  But, God’s people must pray!

Because Jesus has given us direct access to God through His death, resurrection, and ascension and because we need to pray to better be able to discern God’s will, we are organizing 12 Hours of Prayer for Cedar City Church.

We would like for each person at CCC to watch the training video on this page and sign up for at least 1 – 30 minute block of prayer.  You can sign up for more than one time slot, but we’d love for every person/family to sign up so that CCC can spend 12 consecutive hours in prayer. As you sign up, you’ll find resources and prayer prompts to guide you in prayer. Let’s all join together to approach God’s throne of grace on behalf of ourselves, our city and our world.

At some point before May 9th, please watch this short (17 minutes) video from one of CCC’s leaders, Patrick Harner, on some practical steps on how to pray for 30 minutes.

A Temporary Normal

Like many others in the last few weeks Cedar City Church has had to discover a new, temporary, normal. In many ways, the shifts that have happened since the coronavirus pandemic have helped us to focus on what it really means to be the church. God’s church is not now, nor has it ever been, confined to a building. It is made up of people, whether those people are in the same room, across the city or across the nation. Thanks to modern technology we can still gather virtually to pray, worship, discuss God’s word and do life together.

For the foreseeable future, here are some regular times throughout the week that we will be “gathering” online as a church body. Whether you are a regular part of Cedar City Church or have yet to visit, you are invited to join us!

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Cedar City Church & the coronavirus

Hey CCC family!

By now, we’ve all read about and heard many church’s stances on the coronavirus (COVID-19)… some churches are either having online services only or not gathering at all. And there are a few (even in Lebanon) that are keeping business as usual with some precautionary measures in place.

There is somewhat of a balance to strike when it comes to how people may view this pandemic. There is one side that might be prone to panic and live in fear. By God’s grace, this will not be CCC. We serve a Sovereign God who commands us to “fear not.” Why? Because “He is with us.” We serve a Risen Savior who is holding all things together. We can surely trust God, walk in faith, and find our peace in Him today and everyday.

On the other side are people who think they are Iron Man and who may be prone to be insensitive, brush this off as nothing, or even cast stones for the decisions some will make in the next few weeks. That will not be CCC either. We are compassionate people who are sent to engage our neighbors with humility and with the gospel. 

CCC will continue to follow Jesus, love others and make disciples during this time of uncertainty. Some things may change for a short period of time, but the mission stays the same. We are a church that has two rhythms: gathering and scattering. We might be doing a little bit more scattering over the next few weeks, but we are still God’s Church and we are still Cedar City Church.

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