What does a Sunday morning at Cedar City Church look like?

We desire to be a place at which all are welcome. If this is your first time visiting Cedar City, here are a few things you might want to know.

  • We are located at 706 Deerfield Rd in Lebanon, Ohio. We are in the same building as Coffee Caravan and you can enter our space through the Coffee Caravan entrance.

  • There‚Äôs a parking lot next to the Cedar City Church/Coffee Caravan building.

  • Come as you are! There’s no dress code that could keep you out of the kingdom or that should keep you away from the church. We have a casual atmosphere we hope you’ll feel at home in.

  • Come early, stay late! Our folks love to chat and spend time with each other. We’d love to meet you and get to know you better, so please feel free to come a little early or stay a little later.

  • Please bring your kids! We love kids and our kids ministry workers would love to meet you and your children. Immediately upon entering the building, turn right and go down the stairs. This is where our kids spend Sunday mornings. Our workers will help familiarize you with the space and get your children situated in the right classroom.

Order of Gathering

Here’s how our Sunday gathering time usually goes.

Call to Worship & Welcome

At 10:30am sharp, someone will welcome those who have gathered and setup the rest of the morning.

Corporate Worship

Our musicians will leads us in worship through song, prayer and Scripture as we prepare to hear God’s Word preached.

Focal Passage Reading

During most gatherings, we dedicate time to read that morning’s focal passage before the sermon begins. We stand during the reading out of reverence for God’s Word.


One of our pastors will come up to preach. Our sermons are generally around 30-40 minutes long. You can view previous sermons and listen to audio on our website.

Time of Response

Because God’s Word is living and his Spirit is active, we want to give everyone time to reflect and respond through prayer, communion and trusting all the more (or for the first time!) in Jesus. We offer communion wafers and grape juice as our communion elements.

Closing Announcements & Benediction

After the sermon, someone will close out the gathering with announcements and a good word, also called a benediction. We often symbolize our affirmation of the benediction by raising our hands. Feel free to hang out afterwards and fill out a Connect Card!