Missional Communities

Missional Community

What is a missional community?

Adapted from North American Mission Board

A missional community is a committed group of Jesus followers, the size of an extended family (12–25), empowered by the Spirit to participate in God’s mission of redemption in a particular neighborhood and/or network.

There are seven key phrases in this definition that we want to describe further.

  • Committed group. They are devoted to each other and to the mission of the community.
  • Jesus followers. They are maturing disciples who are following Jesus’ lead.
  • Extended family. The group is small enough to care, yet large enough to dare.
  • Empowered by the Spirit. They are formed and sent by the Spirit.
  • Participate in God’s mission. The missio Dei is the organizing principle of all they do.
  • Of redemption. They will engage in both gospel proclamation and demonstration.
  • Neighborhood or network. They are embedded in a neighborhood or network of relationships as an incarnational expression of the church.

How does Cedar City Church live out missional community?

CCC desires to live out the model of missional community both at set times throughout the week and every day in every place that we are. Currently, our missional community meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm either at the 12 New Street building or at someone’s house. We post regularly about missional community gatherings on our social media accounts, so be sure to check our Facebook or Instagram for current info on where we are meeting.