Community Groups

Missional Community

What is a community group?

Community groups are smaller expressions of the local church. They are neighborhood-based groups that spend time together weekly in the Word, in prayer and on mission. These groups are learning centers for discipleship and a primary place for members and guests to connect and share life together throughout the week. They are designed to be a practical application of Acts 2 where disciples meet in homes to worship Jesus and grow in their love for Him and one another.

What do community groups look like at CCC?

CCC desires to live out the model of community groups both at set times throughout the week and every day in every place that we are. Currently, we have one community group that meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm either at the 706 Deerfield Rd building or at someone’s house. We post regularly about community group gatherings on our social media accounts, so be sure to check our Facebook or Instagram for current info on where we are meeting.