Cedar City Church & the coronavirus

Hey CCC family!

By now, we’ve all read about and heard many church’s stances on the coronavirus (COVID-19)… some churches are either having online services only or not gathering at all. And there are a few (even in Lebanon) that are keeping business as usual with some precautionary measures in place.

There is somewhat of a balance to strike when it comes to how people may view this pandemic. There is one side that might be prone to panic and live in fear. By God’s grace, this will not be CCC. We serve a Sovereign God who commands us to “fear not.” Why? Because “He is with us.” We serve a Risen Savior who is holding all things together. We can surely trust God, walk in faith, and find our peace in Him today and everyday.

On the other side are people who think they are Iron Man and who may be prone to be insensitive, brush this off as nothing, or even cast stones for the decisions some will make in the next few weeks. That will not be CCC either. We are compassionate people who are sent to engage our neighbors with humility and with the gospel. 

CCC will continue to follow Jesus, love others and make disciples during this time of uncertainty. Some things may change for a short period of time, but the mission stays the same. We are a church that has two rhythms: gathering and scattering. We might be doing a little bit more scattering over the next few weeks, but we are still God’s Church and we are still Cedar City Church.

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